Kyoto pouch


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Beautiful and elegant floral pouch with bright and pigmented colors! This beautiful hand pouch is made of many tone on tone embroideries in blue and green contrasting with the pretty little pink cherry blossoms. To wear it, nothing could be simpler, fill it with your essentials by going to the essential and in a minimalist way. You will see that you are not missing anything and that it has exactly the ideal size and the necessary rigidity to be a handbag both stylish and comfortable. A rare piece not to be missed! Fully lined, it closes with a zip and is held in the hand with its specific handle.

  • Material Cotton
  • Dimensions 14 x 23cm
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Handbag History

This splendid pouch is handmade according to a unique know-how. Observe the softness and the beauty of its patterns whose inspirations come straight from nature. Fashion item par excellence, the clutch is an essential accessory. And this clutch in particular will meet your expectations and your aspirations by its charm without equal, its inimitable style and its ancient and authentic history. Coming straight from the confis of Vietnam, it is handmade according to an unknown process that resonates in a long history, that of the Hmong people who imagined and manufactured these few unique pieces according to the tribal way of life that characterizes it.

Choose his bag

The strap of this pretty pouch bag is just designed for your optimal comfort and its dimensions, length and comfort are calculated to give you the best support. The advantage of wearing it around the wrist with the strap is that you have both hands completely free. This can be practical during a cocktail party for example if you have to go to the buffet and have your hands free. The rest of the time wear it by hand for a sophisticated and elegant style that will ideally enhance the beauty of your pouch. If you want a shoulder strap go to the mini handbag section.

Craftment of your bohemian bag

Craftmen du Kyoto pouch
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Presented in bags Bag Princess smelling authenticity. Each handbag is a unique, fashioned with love and expertise by the best craftsmen of the tribes of Central Asia and South East. Each bag is individually manufactured with great care, attention according to ancestral techniques. The choice of materials meets local traditions as well as points of embroidery, tassels, the old patchwork fabric.This handbag is handmade and a product that has been handmade using traditional know-how. The unique techniques of embroidery, dyeing and finishing and assembly specific craft gives the bag a unique patina and refined. Irregularities of the frame and weaving, fabric ancient vintage, weathered, worn, are natural characteristics of the manufacture of this type of handbags and should not be seen as imperfections. The old fabrics used to assemble this handbag has been worn, they come from old traditional ethnic tunics, therefore, the fabric and embroidery may be forms of wear characteristics of their origins. These characteristics should be seen as qualities, this essential quality which guarantees a 100% traditional and authentic, a piece of art and history. Your love for this handbag and its completely natural state, rare and luxurious, in fact an authentic and personal as each bag is unique.You are in possession of a bag that has a history and a soul, made with love by the expertise of the best craftsmen.