Original shoulder bag

Discover the selection of ethnic chic besac e and shoulder bag made like all the ethnic chic bags by a craft work from hand embroidered fabric or from vintage fabric. If you are looking to buy a besace ethnic bag for a bohemian style you are at the right place. The history of the shoulder bag and messenger bag goes back a long way, shoulder bag comes from the Spanish word bandoulière which means outlaw, this term dates back to the 16th century. This type of original bag originally belonged to the military uniform it calls for a little care to replace too much small shoulder bag ethnic or from bohemian bag chic ethnic not very practical. Widely used by cavalrymen and infantrymen for its functionality, it allows you to quickly take what it contains and it does not hinder your movements. At first reserved for men, women discovered its tremendous usefulness during the 1930s and since the 1940s, they refuse to do without it. In recent years, men have come back to this model from large ethnic bag that allows them to avoid putting all their small things in their pockets and offers a modern look that can go very well with men's fashion.

Original women's shoulder bag.

There are different ways to match his ethnic shoulder bag or his ethnic satchel, you can wear it with an outfit, classic like jeans, in a small top, but his favorite style is the bohemian chic. You can opt for a loose skirt in light tones, with loose hair or with a headband or hair braid and that's it. There are several ways to wear this type of bag, the first is the most common, i.e. you pass the strap over your head to place it on one shoulder, the bag then hangs on the opposite side. This way of wearing the shoulder bag allows you to keep quick access to the entire contents of your bag without having to hold it in place. You can easily carry the bag backwards and with one shoulder movement it moves back to the front so that you can take what you need.the second way to carry the shoulder bag is to simply put the strap on the shoulder. This way of carrying the bag is possible if the strap is not too long. The access to the contents of the bag is always easy and the look is always at its best.